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The way a skirt playfully dances in the

wind – that’s what inspired fashion

designer David Laport to create his

graduation collection. The wind-blown

pieces garnered rave reviews and caught the eye of fashion enthusiasts and celebrities around the globe. His fame skyrocketed after singer Solange

Knowles hit the Met Gala in his yellow

pleated dress. “That was definitely a

breakthrough moment,” he affirms at his studio overlooking an Amsterdam canal. He has just finished his latest eponymous collection ready to hit stores in January and journalists are milling around the premises, while models fill the space in sculptural yet lighter-than-air creations. The 31-year-old has also become the European winner of this year’s regional Woolmark Prize and now faces the task of creating a collection containing 80%wool in order to compete at the prize’s international competition January 8th.

“So exciting!” he says. “Whoever wins gets to sell their brand to the world’s top 20 department stores.” It would be a dream come true for the designer, who is moving increasingly in the direction of ready-to-wear, despite the interest in his standout couture pieces. “I’ll keep doing those too,” he stresses. “But I’d love more people to be able to wear my clothes.” The Woolmark competition poses quite a challenge though, as he readily admits: “Wool isn’t usually a material I opt for.” Often used in outwear, at first sight wool doesn’t seem the most natural choice for the modern yet feminine silhouettes typical of Laport’s work.



Styling: Jordy Huinder @ EEA, Hair and make-up: Liselotte van Saarloos @ EEA for MAC Cosmetics, Kevin Murphy & TUSH Brushes, Model: Fatou @ Codemanagement. Dress by David Laport, Photographer: Duy Vo @ Papparazi

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