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How do other people describe you?
I’m in the middle of applying for a US visa and asked my  friend [actor/director] Peter Vack to write me a letter of recommendation. One of the things he wrote was, “When Vera walks into a room, we become her audience,’ which I thought was an extremely flattering line. 


What made you want to act?

My dad’s an actor, so I’ve been in theatres my whole life. As  a little girl, I loved to dress up and play different characters. When I was four, I asked my mum to make me a Snow White dress, which I supposedly wore for weeks afterwards. My first role was as baby Jesus, with my pushchair serving as the manger. I called my parents Mary and Joseph. 


Is it challenging to combine modelling and acting?
In many ways it feels like the same thing. When I pose  during a photo shoot, I’m also acting. Making poses like I imagine a model would. Also, we often make a video during a shoot nowadays.  Your first movie premiered last September. Yes – it’s a short film directed by Shady el-Hamus and

written by Jonas Smulders. Filming it was a special, intense and unique week. The story unfolds at a funeral; I play the dead boy’s girlfriend. All the extras on the set were real-life friends and family members, which made for an authentic atmosphere. 


Is there a ritual you use to get into a character’s skin?

I’m in the middle of preparing myself for my first leading

role right now. It’s all set in Brooklyn, which is where I live and I’m super-involved in the entire creative process. I’m in- volved in the styling, coming up with my own costumes. It’s amazingly cool but also a bit stressful. 


Any people you dream of playing?
Eva Braun, please! I’d love to play an evil person or a charac-

ter with a lot of fight scenes.NYC can be pretty full on.

How do you chill out?

I bike a lot. It’s my only workout so I make sure I nail quite a few kilometres every day. And I tackle the steep Williams- burg Bridge on an almost daily basis! The view from there is breathtaking. 


What’s your favourite colour?
Yellow, always has been. I find it a warm and tender yet melancholic colour. I just bought myself a yellow vintage Dior trench coat that I’ll be sure to wear throughout the autumn.

And a scent that’s special to you?
One of my first olfactory memories is the damp basement  at my grandfather’s house. It sometimes happens that I’m somewhere random and that characteristic smell pops up, catapulting me back in time to the ping-pong games I used to play there with my brother and sister.

What do you miss from home?
A zillion things – like haring! Mainly my family and friends though. New York can be quite lonely at times. Even with my boyfriend and a great group of friends here, I sometimes wish I could just drop in on my folks.




Photography: Ryan Slack, Hair: Clay Nielsen for Rene Furterer, Lighting assistant: Harrison Ball, Model and styling: Vera LeSavoy

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